About Us

It was a wonderful day.

The weather was hot. It was very hot. A young person anywhere in the world was working on Web 2.0 technologies, sipping his coffee and waiting eagerly to realize a dream.

It was a June. The weather was hot. It was late hours. Preparations had started months ago. A unique platform for everyone to enjoy would be established. It was established.

Our site was opened with an amateur, young, free spirit. Our official opening was planned for 06.06.2006, at 06.06.

Time would show, who would have fun and laugh with Bidibidi. Who would share their joys, troubles and sorrows. Would he be Bidibidi years later?

Bidibidi was a great site, its infrastructure was developed and its contents were developed. It wasn't too late;


And the first words would be spilled from our founder:

Dear Visitors,
Welcome to bidibidi.com.

You can travel safely in a special, beautiful, fun and free environment for you,
that you will learn, teach, develop, develop and share your knowledge
I tried to prepare a sharing platform that I think you can benefit from those who share.

How successful I was, how much I managed to do this and how long we can hold on this site will be determined by you and your support.

Thank you in advance for your attention, love and respect.



Always stay with Bidibidi,