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The best players according to the games. Their records cannot be exceeded. They are the best players in this game

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gulen - 312 games

Game Player Score Date Could't Pass
Card image cap Slingo Three Pictures burakcan76000 2.900.000 21st Feb 2019 , 09:38 2yrs 9mos 1w 1h 17m 24s
Card image cap Moon cave ahandahasan 1.550.000 1st Nov 2008 , 17:02 13yrs 3w 5d 17h 53m 1s
Card image cap Big Cats Slot burakcan76000 1.000.000 28th Jan 2019 , 17:17 2yrs 9mos 4w 2d 17h 37m
Card image cap Will Not Pass Through The Hole burakcan76000 8.650.000 24th Dec 2018 , 10:05 2yrs 11mos 4d 49m 57s
Card image cap Raiden 1 burakcan76000 805.360.000 16th Dec 2018 , 10:21 2yrs 11mos 1w 5d 34m 30s
Card image cap Cybernoid Flight bukettttt 400.000 9th Sep 2016 , 20:03 5yrs 2mos 2w 4d 14h 52m
Card image cap War in Space burakcan76000 28.000 8th Dec 2018 , 20:43 2yrs 11mos 2w 5d 14h 12m
Card image cap Bandit Gorilla emirhan_saka 1.000.000 21st Jan 2015 , 20:25 6yrs 10mos 6d 14h 29m 51s
Card image cap Storm House burakcan76000 6.000 26th Feb 2019 , 10:08 2yrs 9mos 2d 46m 39s
Card image cap Battle of Nobuyuki burakcan76000 91.400.000 18th Dec 2018 , 12:19 2yrs 11mos 1w 2d 22h 36m